You read this title and you were like,” this boy has come again”..[ In Terminator’s voice ] AM BACK!!!

What else gives me more joy than adding a spark to your day or night (depending on when you are reading this)…

The fastest man in the world Usain Bolt, runs 100m in just 9.78 seconds that cannot be so difficult  right?(na wash). Sincerely, in the situation I was placed in, I had to beat that record as you’ll see…

It all happened many years ago…when the tortoise was (eh!!?)

Tortoise ko tortoise ni…This ain’t tales by moonlight jor.

This story starts with a girl (yes ooo… another girl, and trust me this is unlike the previous one. No trekking in this story).

Well, I went to an eatery in town and I saw her…

Cute lil thing.

She set like mathset.

And you know that paw-paw nursery rhyme right???

If you don’t, it goes:

Pawpaw is a kind of fruit (2x)

…This is where the girl comes into the rhyme…

She was,

“sweet like sugar”

“yellow like Fanta

“everybody has to like dis girl” (rephrased)

If you went to a good primary school,

This is the part where all the children shout…

“Pawpaw!!!” or in my case “fine girl!!!”

Plus she had dimples….OMG!!! That thing gets to me like mad.

She uses glasses (weird thing, I also like girls that wear glasses)

There she was. Just sitting there, busy being beautiful and charming… choi!!!

STEP ONE: EYE CONTACT (for those boys without game,better start writing down ooo…lol)
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